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Scott Robinson '82 - Poetic works share empathy and compassion

Scott has one of those résumés that give HR people a migraine. He grew up amongst the glacial hills and lakes, and long, cold winters of Central New York. He has worked at Renaissance Faires, as, variously, an actor, musician, and a Tarot reader, and at one faire he met his wife, Allison. He taught college music for ten years, then studied to become an interfaith minister, in which he concentrated on hospice chaplaincy. He is a professed member of the Third Order of St. Francis, a religious order within the Episcopal Church. He has recently begun the study of Druidry, as part of his quest to “free Christ from his Near Eastern captivity.” He has early-onset Parkinson’s disease, which is making him less inhibited every day, God help us. He lives in Philadelphia.


Available Books:

The Way In: What a Hospice Chaplain Learned Living with Parkinson's, in Poetry and Prose Kindle Edition

by Scott Robinson (Author) Format: Kindle Edition

In poetry and prose, a former hospice chaplain tells what he has learned from living with early-onset Parkinson’s disease. By turns wrenching, funny, and surprising, this part memoir, part poetry chapbook offers wisdom from several of the world’s spiritual traditions, which the author studied as an Interfaith minister.

The author’s work as a hospice chaplain brings insight and compassion into the fraught subjects of death and grief, and his transparency and self-disclosure make him real and relatable. Besides hospice chaplaincy, the author has worked as an actor, musician, Tarot reader, and college music professor, and all these experiences find their way into the book.

The poetry, almost entirely rhymed and metered, is suitable for a general audience, requiring no specialized training or wealth of reading to make it accessible and effective for readers.


The Dark Hills Kindle Edition

by Scott Robinson (Author) Format: Kindle Edition

Scott Robinson's The Dark Hills is a brilliant exploration of depression and spirituality. Written in lucidly poetic language, this masterpiece of creative nonfiction is encyclopedic in its knowledge of the world's religions. Robinson neither shies away from his personal bouts with depression, nor from his warm and intimate love for his family. His intelligent treatment of the subject of depression, and his sense of humor are unforgettable.

Link to purchase: The Dark Hills

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