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Reach out to help organize

Classmates have teamed up to start organizing events for Reuinion Weekend

use the form below to Let us know if you want to pitch in and help - or if you have suggestions or ideas for other fun opportunities

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Friday Night

Get-together Team

Heidi Cheris

Jeff Blumin

Tracy (Cincotta) Sala

Alan Buck

Susan (Druyanoff) Wiedner

Weekend Golf Opportunities Team

Harriet (Novak) Mead

Billy Wright

Patrick Swan

Saturday Activities - Teams

Tour of the High School

Jeff Blumin

Alan Buck

Spend the Day at Cedar Bay!

Rajni Lerman

Katrin Nauman

Saturday Night

Main Event - Party Team

Dave Palumb

Georgia Plavocos Kelly

Francis Aloysius McMahon

Deanna Granato

Karen (Murphy) Gross

Tracy (Cincotta) Sala

Heidi Cheris

Sunday Morning

Breakfast Get-together

No Members Yet


Use this form or email us directly

Communication / Website / Social Media / Seek Missing Classmates: Nick Abdo - Jeff Blumin - Patrick Swan - Jeff Shapiro
Honoring our classmates that have passed away:  Rajni Lerman, Deanna Granato, Patrick Brown, Patrick Swan
Picture Collection or Possible Slide Show Efforts:  Patrick Swan
Hotel Information / Communications:  Deanna Granato

Thanks for submitting!

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