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Mark Wladis '82 - ‘Wladis Hat and Gloves Giveaway’

Hats, gloves given to students at Syracuse CSD for annual ‘Wladis Hat and Gloves Giveaway’

Posted: Dec 9, 2021 / 06:52 PM EST

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The cold weather is here, but not everyone has a way to keep warm outside, which is where the Wladis Hat and Gloves Foundation comes in. They’re again making sure students in the Syracuse City School District are prepared this winter.

Students at Porter Elementary got a personal visit on Thursday from the Wladis family, and they brought hats and gloves for students.

“We have a lot of kids that they come to school and they don’t have a hat, they don’t have the gloves, and every year this time the Wladis family and many businesses contribute to making sure every kid in the Syracuse School District has hats and gloves,” says Jaime Alicea, superintendent at Syracuse City School District.

From black to pink, students had the chance to pick out what color hat and gloves they wanted on Thursday. It’s all part of the Wladis Hat and Glove giveaway, something the family started in 1997, marking this their 25th year. The giveaway was first created by the late George Wladis at Seymour Elementary. The giveaway has expanded over time, now providing students in grades Pre-K through eighth.

“To see these kids come to school, they don’t have hats and gloves or their cold. Now they have a chance for a fresh start every day. They’re warmer; it helps the teachers get them going quicker during the day,” says Mark Wladis.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic also didn’t stop the community from being generous this holiday season.

“We had more people that participated this year. We raised more money this year than we ever have in the past,” says Wladis.

If you are interested in donating next year, call 315-445-1700.

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