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Stuart Connelly Class of '82: "Offered in Secret"

Writer Stuart Connelly has cracked the code for Mother’s Day: forget flowers, cards, and candy; take a week and think of nothing but your mom. Can’t spare the time? You’re in luck. Connelly has done it for us all with his new book "Offered In Secret."

“I’ve organized the papers left behind, most likely never meant for anyone to read. I’ve built my mother’s timeline out of the detritus, a map of her existence. Seeing when and where it superimposes onto mine, how it diverges. And now I’m off to follow this map. See where it leads. The journey is an investigation in the spirit of a YouTube unboxing video. But rather than the latest gaming console or collectible figurine, what I’m unboxing is a person, a life, and that life’s place within my own," Connelly writes.

Such moments of intimacy and soulfulness fill "Offered In Secret," a new memoir that invites readers into the extraordinary eight-day journey of a man trying to understand his mother after ignoring her death for years.

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Eric Lichtblau calls “Offered In Secret,” “A poignant, disarming, and often funny literary journey exploring loss, family loyalty, and the buried roots of the parent-child bond.”

“Offered In Secret” is available in trade paper on May 12th from, Amazon, and everywhere books are sold.

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1 Yorum

That looks really interesting. As we all are dealing with passed or elderly parents. Clearing the houses as the generation above us passes is such a difficult and cathartic experience. I'm excited to read this.

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