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Rick Kier '82 - 40 Years of Success

Pro Scapes joins BrightView Landscaping Company, adjusts to working during the pandemic


JAMESVILLE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Pro Scapes of Jamesville is now part of the BrightView Landscaping Company, headquartered just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

After over 40 years of owning and running the landscaping and snow removal business, Rick Kier says BrightView offered an opportunity he couldn’t refuse.

It will allow him and his staff to stay on board but have the wealth of resources a company the size of BrightView can offer that a smaller local company can’t anymore.

Kier tells NewsChannel 9, “It’s really allowed me to focus on taking care of our customers and taking care of my team members which is really the fun part of being in business.”

He adds that BrightView offers benefits to the team members at a level he just couldn’t and he says it gives them tremendous growth opportunities with the company.

The trucks are being switched over now from Pro Scapes red to BrightView white.

“It’s really exciting to be part of something bigger than just one local branch and the resources that are available to our team members are just phenomenal,” Kier tells NewsChannel 9.

The team isn’t just adjusting to a new owner but also to working during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kier says, “It’s certainly has been a challenge and I’m really proud of our team and how everybody has risen up to the occasion.”

For starters they sanitize the trucks twice a day, Kier goes on to say, “We’re wearing face masks for all of our team members when we’re out on customers’ properties, riding in trucks to and from the job site and even when we’re here at our facility getting ready to go out in the morning or cleaning up at the end of the day.”

Kier says at the end of the day they’re still providing the same quality and doing it in a safer manner with respect to COVID-19

He also says their hiring for some positions in Jamesville click here to learn about those and all the openings with BrightView.

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