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Katrin Naumann ‘82 - Assisting others to transcend limitations

Katrin is a native Syracusan, who taught theatre, designed costumes and acted in many places, before transitioning to a career in the Holistic Healing Arts. She found her way back to CNY, through a combination of necessity, synchronicity, and divine intervention. Katrin tapped into her clairvoyant abilities early but didn't fully develop them until much later, primarily because she had no reference for her experience nor guidance in how to hone her capacity. After her best friend was killed while biking, at 13 yrs. Katrin began to receive messages from the other side. Again, Katrin was at a loss for how to proceed; she felt sure no one would believe her. She then plummeted into a deep, undiagnosed depression, which led her to engage in self-destructive behaviors to deaden the pain from the loss of her beloved friend. These habits further distanced her from her natural gifts as a seer for many years. While in college, first at St. Lawrence (BFA ‘86), then SU (MFA ‘92), she began her journey of self-discovery, initially in the realms of art and theatre, and was introduced to the healing powers of Self-Inquiry, Creativity, Imagination, Language, Astrology and Tarot, which she utilizes in her healing work today. Later, at another crisis moment, she began studying Eastern Philosophy and Yoga, and received Essential & Advanced Hatha Yoga Certification (RYT-500) from Open Sky Yoga Studio, with Francois Raoult. A powerful alchemical transformation of self-healing began within Katrin, during Yoga Teacher Training. She also benefited from more traditional talk therapy, during which she addressed the deeply seated grief and shame she had never acknowledged or processed after her friend’s death. These experiences propelled her to study the Western Mystery Teachings, Hermetics, Astrology & Tarot, at The School of the New Light, with Master Metaphysican David Harry Davis, former owner of Seven Rays Bookstore, with whom she co-authored Ten Gates into the Garden: Spiritual Teachings for the Awakening Consciousness. She met her beloved guru, Her Holiness, Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi Mishra in 2012. Through many Transformational Healing Journeys, in the grace of Sai Maa, she honed her gifts as a holistic healer. Katrin subsequently became a certified Qi Gong Therapist through the Qi Gong Institute of Rochester, with Master Lisa B. O’Shea, and she also studied Vibrational Healing with Elizabeth Wright of SpiritWorks. In alignment with your soul's highest good, allow Katrin to create a dynamic program, uniquely suited to you, which assists in transmuting & transcending self-imposed limitations that have impeded your ability to thrive and manifest the vibrant life you desire.

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