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Important Announcement - We want to see everyone!!!

The Reunion Weekend is just 3 weeks away! We are excited to report that we have sold over 105 Tickets for the Saturday Night Event at Drumlins. Having said that, we want everyone there!!

We are sending this note out to let everyone know that you should not concern yourself with the cost of the ticket when deciding if you want to attend. If you, or a classmate that you know, want to attend but are reluctant because of the price for the ticket let us know. We can discretely add you to the guest list as we have other classmates waiting to cover the cost.

Use the Contact Us form on the website and share the details and we will reach out to you.

Link to Contact Us Form


For those of you planning to purchase tickets for the event, but have been holding off, please place your orders by June 10th. It takes a few days for the web service to make the funds available for us, and we need the money in hand to settle up with the venue.

Link to RSVP and purchase your tickets

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